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Did you know we have one of the Top Haunted Attractions in Maryland right here in Harford County?

Legends of the Fog is located right off Carsins Run Road in Aberdeen, MD.

The attraction opens on September 30 and runs through November 5, 2022.

For a limited time, our readers can score half-price tickets for select nights! Visit and use promo code “HH2022to get the discount. Combo tickets start at just $40!  (Discount is limited to the first 100 tickets purchased with promo code).

The Combo Ticket gives you access to all 4 attractions:

      • Haunted Hayride – Our hayride is one of the scariest, longest, and most shocking experiences you will find around Maryland, DC, and Pennsylvania. Evacuate from the zombie hordes and other terrors of the night in Maryland’s best haunted hayride. This is no kiddie haunted hayride. If you’re lucky enough to survive this carefully crafted horror experience, you will have memories to rival any halloween attraction. Form bonds with friends and family the way only survivors can. Journey past all new scenes this year under the open October sky. Scream, squirm, hide… just don’t get caught by the fog.
      • Haunted Farewell Hotel – Incredible new updates throughout the Hotel in 2022!  You can check-in at the Farewell Hotel at your own risk, but you might never leave!  This is a haunted house filled with imaginative horrors and scenes that will be impossible to forget.  With over 70 doors throughout the hotel, you may not find the right door until it is too late…
      • Cornstalkers Maze – Back for another season, but with an expanded, all-new design!  Frantically navigate through this haunted maze in a corn field.  Are you alone in the corn, or is there something waiting for you?  Brave the darkness on this thrilling outdoor adventure. Tread quietly through winding maze of corn, careful not to crunch the stalks beneath your feet for fear that “they” will hear you. The Cornstalkers play with their victims, as the corn is their domain, and the night is when they are most active. Make your way through the moonlit rows right, then left… no… right. You will need to use your wits and conquer your fears to make it to the end of this haunted walk.
      • Slaughterhouse – Completely indoors for 2022! If you narrowly escape the grip of the Cornstalkers maze, you will find yourself at the doorstep of a condemned former meat processing plant. Vanguard’s once prosperous meat processing plant supplied the greater tri-county area with the finest cuts of meats. After suspected foul play in its involvement in a link to missing campers at a nearby park, the Vanguard processing center closed its doors. Legend has it, the butchers have returned…