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The Garden Brothers Circus is coming back to APGFCU Arena on Monday March 26, 2018. GARDEN BROTHERS CIRCUS celebrates 100 years entertaining families throughout North America and “we’ve pulled out all the stops!” ‘Motorcycle Madness’ has motorcycle daredevils somersaulting and spinning in a big Globe of Doom; Chinese Acrobats, the Human Slingshot, Racing Camels, crazy comedy with Circus Clowns, daring aerialists; cirque artists. Its 1½ hours of excitement and fun at GARDEN BROS CIRCUS.

SHOW TIMES: 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm

For a limited time you can get general admission tickets for two adults and two children for only $32! USE PROMO CODE “SALE3” to save an additional 20%! Making this deal only $25.60!