Walmart Grocery Delivery Service Now Available in Harford County

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If you are like me, you probably have a very hectic schedule and dread that weekly trip to the grocery store. My life changed for the better 2 years ago when I discovered that my local Walmart offered FREE grocery pickup services. For those of you who have never tried this before, it’s super simple. 

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, my local Walmart (Aberdeen, Maryland) announced that they started offering grocery delivery!

Yes you heard that right; once you place your order they will drive your house and drop off your groceries. While this is not a free service like the pickup is, I feel the delivery price is very reasonable. In my area it ranges from $7.95 – $9.95 (with a minimum purchase of $30) depending on the day/time you choose. While you aren’t required to tip the delivery drivers, they are allowed to accept tips which will add some additional expense to this option.

Click here to see if Walmart Grocery Delivery or Pickup is available near you.

Since Walmart was offering a promo where your first three deliveries were free, I decided to give this a try. I placed my order at 9:25pm on a Friday night and chose the 8am-9am Saturday window for my items to be delivered.  I received a phone call from my delivery person around 7:45am stating that she was on her way to the store to get the items.  Then around 8:27am I received an email, text message and call from an associate at Walmart confirming that they were on their way and I should have them around 8:38am.  The delivery woman rang my doorbell with grocery bags in her hands around 8:45am.

I believe Walmart is outsourcing this service similar to other deliver services like (Door Dash) because the woman was not a Walmart Associate.  She was very polite and friendly and my order was 100% correct which was all that mattered to me.  I then took the groceries from her, signed for the delivery on her mobile phone, and thanked her with a tip.  About 10 minutes after she left,  I received another call from the same Walmart Associate confirming that I received the delivery and to see how the experience went.  I’m not sure if they always to this or if it is just because it’s brand new service they are offering.  Either way it was nice to have that follow up call.

For those of you that are wondering, the groceries were packaged in regular Walmart plastic bags. I purposely ordered frozen and refrigerated items to see how they were when they arrived.  They were still frozen and cold which was great. All in all it was a great experience and I will definitely take advantage of it in the future.  I highly recommend you giving it a try if your local Walmart offers this service.   

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